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GENDHCP(1)			   06:53:19			    GENDHCP(1)

       gendhcp - generate a DHCP bootstrap file from flat relational tables

       gendhcp [ -d dbdirectory ] [ -k ] [ -v ]

       gendhcp	is  a back end to the updatehosts command.  It should normally
       only be invoked from the updatehosts command.

       gendhcp converts a set of flat (relational) files into  a  DHCP	server
       bootstrap  file.  All input files are kept in the dbdirectory which can
       be specified by the -d command line option.  The output file  which  is
       named  dhcpd.conf  is  placed in the current directory.	When run under
       updatehosts the current directory is normally /var/named and the  input
       directory  is  normally	/var/named/db.	However, these defaults may be
       different  depending  upon  the	updatehosts  configuration.   See  the
       updatehosts(1) manual page for details.

       The  -k	option	generates  a  bootstrap file so only known hosts (e.g.
       those with registered MAC layer addresses can bootstrap. This option is
       off  by default which allows any host to boot.  The -v option generates
       additional output on the progress of the bootstrap file generation.

Input File Formats
       gendhcp uses readinfo to preprocess the input  files.   The  format  of
       each  file  consists  of  a set of records separated into fields.  Care
       should be taken to insure the field names are not  altered.   Otherwise
       gendhcp will complain.  Each fields attributes should be examined care
       fully when editing the input files.   Each  file  used  by  gendhcp  is
       described as follows:

       main:  Contains information about each host.  The fields from this file
	      used by gendhcp are as follows:

	      host:  The domain name of the host.

	      ip:    The IP address of the host. This  field  may  be  set  to
		     "dynamic"	to  indicate this host will be given a dynamic
		     IP address when it boots.	If the IP address is a	normal
		     IP  address  then	the  DHCP  configuration  will use the
		     static IP address indicated.

	      ether: The hardware MAC  address	of  the  host.	This  must  be
		     present  for  statically  configured hosts or for dynamic
		     hosts when the -k flag is set.

       subnet: Contains information about subnets used to  generate  the  DHCP
       configuration files

		     The subnet prefix in dotted decimal notation

	      mask:  The mask of the subnet in dotted-decimal

		     The IP address of the default gateway for the subnet dns:
		     The IP address of one or more DNS servers separated  with

		     The default domain.

	      time:  The  IP  address  of one or more NTP timeserver separated
		     with commas.

		     The hardware type of the clients (defaults to ether).

		     Range of IP addresses used for dynamic allocation	of  IP

		     Maximum time in seconds before a DHCP lease expires.

		     Allows dynamic BOOTP (defaults to no).

See also
       gendns(1) poke_dhcp(1) poke_ns(1) updatehosts(1)

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