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DH_INSTALLDIRS(1)		   Debhelper		     DH_INSTALLDIRS(1)

       dh_installdirs - create subdirectories in package build directories

       dh_installdirs [debhelper options] [-A] [dir ...]

       dh_installdirs is a debhelper program that is responsible for creating
       subdirectories in package build directories.

       A file named debian/package.dirs can list directories to be created.
       Separate the directory names with whitespace.

       Any directory names specified as parameters will be created in the
       package build directory of the first package dh_installdirs is told to
       act on. By default, this is the first binary package in debian/control,
       but if you use -p, -i, or -a flags, it will be the first package speci
       fied by those flags.

       Be sure to only use directory names relative to the package build
       directory. Ie, "/usr/bin" should not be used, use "usr/bin" instead.

       -A, --all
	   Create any directories specified by command line parameters in ALL
	   packages acted on, not just the first.

       dir ...
	   Create these directories in the package build directory of the
	   first package acted on. (Or in all packages if -A is specified.)


       This program is a part of debhelper.

       Joey Hess 

5.0.42				  2006-03-27		     DH_INSTALLDIRS(1)

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