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BitchX(1)							     BitchX(1)

       BitchX - an advanced Internet Relay Chat client
       scr-bx - restore detached BitchX session
       xbitchx - X wrapper for BitchX

       bitchx  [-aAbdfqxvBFRZP] [-H hostname] [-c channel] [-p port] [-r file]
       [-n nickname] [-l file] [-L file] [nickname] [server list]



       BitchX is a VERY heavily modified ircII client. It includes many things
       such  as built in CDCC (XDCC) offering, built in flood protection, etc.
       It is easier to script things in BitchX because unlike  plain,  vanilla
       ircII,  half  the  script  does	not have to be devoted to changing the
       appearance of ircII. It also includes many other new features, such  as
       port scanning, advanced TCL, a CD player, a mail client, screening pro
       cess, etc.

       BitchX - based on  EPIC	Software  Labs	epic  ircII  (1998).   Version
       (BitchX-75p2-8) -- Date (19980708).

       xbitchx	is  a wrapper script that loads the BitchX X11 font configura
       tion from /etc/bitchx/xfont file, and runs BitchX under	a  nice  XTerm

       scr-bx is used to reattach screens after /detach.

       -a     use  the	default  servers list, as well as servers given on the
	      command line.

       -A     do not display the startup ANSI graphics.

       -b     load .bitchxrc or .ircrc after connecting to a server (default).

       -B     fork and return you to shell.

	      automatically  join  the channel  after connecting to a
	      server. You usually need to escape the hash (#)  character  with
	      backspace (.

       -d     use a "dumb" terminal.

       -f     your  terminal  uses  flow control (^S/^Q), so BitchX should not
	      use these chars.

       -F     your terminal does not use flow control (default).

       -h     display help, all available options.

	      use the virtual name  if possible.

	      use  instead of the usual .ircrc file.

	      use  instead of the usual .ircrc , and expand $  expandos.

	      set your IRC nickname to .

       -N     do not automatically connect to the first server.

	      use    as  the  default  server  connection port (normally

       -P     toggle check pid.nickname for running program.

       -q     dont load ~/.ircrc on startup.

	      read  to get a  list  of  IRC-servers.  The    is  a
	      whitespace-separated list of server names.

       -v     show version.

       -x     run in debug mode.

       -Z     use  NAT	address  when  doing  DCC.  Lets you specify your real
	      address if youre using a machine that is being natd

	      Network Address Translation - when you map N-to-M (IP masquerad
	      ing  is  a  special  case of N-to-1 NAT). See http://www.csn.tu-
	      chemnitz.de/HyperNews/get/linux-ip-nat.html  for	more  informa

       BitchX  has  lots  of internal documentation. Try using /ehelp, /bhelp,
       and /help.  There is also documentation in /usr/share/doc/bitchx.

       /usr/lib/bitchx/, /etc/bitchx/
	      System-wide configuration directories

	      Personal configuration file

	      Default random real name(s)

	      Personal BitchX display formats

	      Default random kick message(s)

	      Default random quit message(s)

	      User help-file.

	      Storage directory for BitchX session screens.

       BitchX was written by Colten Edwards 

       This manpage was written by  Wichert  Akkerman  and  later  updated  by
       Robert Durdle and Josip Rodin.

BitchX IRC client		  August 1999			     BitchX(1)

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