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       update-python-modules - byte-compile python modules

       update-python-modules [options] [directory [...]]

       The update-python-modules command is part of the python-support bundle.

       update-python-modules is responsible for the byte-compilation of python
       modules.  When used in byte-compilation mode, it will byte-compile mod
       ules in the directories given on the command line. When use in  instal
       lation  mode,  it will byte-compile them once for each installed python
       version, and will make them available for all of them.

       At each invocation, with or  without  arguments,  update-python-modules
       will check for installed python versions, and will build or remove mod
       ules according to new or removed versions since the last  time  it  was

       -h, --help
	      Show summary of options.

       -v, --verbose
	      Detail all actions while they are performed.

       -b, --bytecompile
	      Byte-compilation	only  mode. This is the default. In this mode,
	      byte-compiled modules are put directly in the directories  given
	      on  the  command line. This mode is meant to be used for private
	      python modules, which only need to be bytecompiled for the  cur
	      rent python version.

       -i, --install
	      Installation  mode.  In  this  mode,  modules must be located in
	      /usr/share/python-support/package/.  They are byte-compiled  for
	      each python version, and put in separate directories. Files that
	      dont end with .py are symlinked to their	original  place.  The
	      /usr/lib/python-support/package/pythonX.Y/  directories are also
	      searched for files to be installed for a single python  version.
	      If  a  .version file is found in a directory, the module will be
	      compiled only for the python versions listed in it.

       -c, --clean
	      Clean modules instead of installing them.  Beware,  this	option
	      behaves  differently in byte-compilation and installation modes.

       -a, --rebuild-all
	      Rebuild all modules that were installed using -b.  This is  nec
	      essary when the default python version was changed, for example.

       -f, --force-rebuild-all
	      Clean all modules and rebuild them, whether they	were  compiled
	      using -b or -i.

	      These  directories contain the byte-compiled modules for version
	      pythonX.Y, for modules installed using -i.


       Josselin Mouette .

				  17 Jun 2006	      UPDATE-PYTHON-MODULES(8)

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