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STARTPAR(8)							   STARTPAR(8)

       startpar - start runlevel scripts in parallel

       startpar  [-p  par] [-t timeout] [-T global_timeout] [-a arg] prg1 prg2
       startpar   [-p	par]   [-t   timeout]	[-T   global_timeout]	-M   [

       startpar  is  used  to run multiple run-level scripts in parallel.  The
       degree of parallelism on one CPU can be set with  the  -p  option,  the
       default	is  full parallelism. An argument to all of the scripts can be
       provided with the -a option.

       The output of each script is  buffered  and  written  when  the	script
       exits,  so  output lines of different scripts wont mix. You can modify
       this behaviour by setting a timeout.

       The timeout set with the -t option is used as buffer  timeout.  If  the
       output  buffer of a script is not empty and the last output was timeout
       seconds ago, startpar will flush the buffer.

       The -T option timeout works more globally. If no output is printed  for
       more than global_timeout seconds, startpar will flush the buffer of the
       script with the oldest output. Afterwards it will only print output  of
       this script until it is finished.

       The  -M	option	switches startpar into a make(1) like behaviour.  This
       option takes three different arguments: boot, start, and stop for read
       ing  .depend.boot  or .depend.start or .depend.stop respectively in the
       directory /etc/init.d/.	By scanning the boot and runlevel  directories
       in /etc/init.d/ it then executes the appropriate scripts in parallel.


       init.d(7), insserv(8), startproc(8).

       2003,2004 SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg, Germany.

       Michael Schroeder 
       Takashi Iwai 
       Werner Fink 

				   Jun 2003			   STARTPAR(8)

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