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rpcdebug(8)							   rpcdebug(8)

       rpcdebug - set and clear NFS and RPC kernel debug flags

       rpcdebug -vh
       rpcdebug -m module
       rpcdebug -m module -s flags...
       rpcdebug -m module -c flags...

       The rpcdebug command allows an administrator to set and clear the Linux
       kernels NFS client and server debug flags.  Setting these flags causes
       the kernel to emit messages to the system log in response to NFS activ
       ity; this is typically useful when debugging NFS problems.

       The first form in the synopsis can be used to list all available  debug
       flags.	The  second  form  shows the currently set debug flags for the
       given module.  The third form sets one or more flags,  and  the	fourth
       form clears one or more flags.

       The  value  all may be used to set or clear all the flags for the given

       -c     Clear the given debug flags.

       -h     Print a help message  and  exit.	 When  combined  with  the  -v
	      option, also prints the available debug flags.

       -m module
	      Specify which modules flags to set or clear.  Available modules

	      nfsd   The NFS server.

	      nfs    The NFS client.

	      nlm    The Network Lock Manager, in  either  an  NFS  client  or

	      rpc    The Remote Procedure Call module, in either an NFS client
		     or server.

       -s     Set the given debug flags.

       -v     Increase the verbosity of rpcdebugs output.

	      procfs-based interface to kernel debug flags.

       rpc.nfsd(8), nfs(5), syslogd(8).

       Bugs can be found or reported at http://nfs.sf.net/.

       Program by Olaf Kirch  and .
       Manpage by Greg Banks .

				  5 Jul 2006			   rpcdebug(8)

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