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rpc.gssd(8)							   rpc.gssd(8)

       rpc.gssd - rpcsec_gss daemon

       rpc.gssd [-f] [-k keytab] [-p pipefsdir] [-v] [-r] [-d ccachedir]

       The  rpcsec_gss	protocol  gives  a  means of using the gss-api generic
       security api to provide security for protocols using rpc  (in  particu
       lar,  nfs).   Before  exchanging any rpc requests using rpcsec_gss, the
       rpc client must first establish a security context.  The linux kernels
       implementation  of  rpcsec_gss depends on the userspace daemon rpc.gssd
       to establish security contexts.	The rpc.gssd daemon uses files in  the
       rpc_pipefs filesystem to communicate with the kernel.

       -f     Runs  rpc.gssd  in the foreground and sends output to stderr (as
	      opposed to syslogd)

       -k keytab
	      Tells rpc.gssd to use the keys for  principals  nfs/hostname  in
	      keytab  to  obtain  machine  credentials.   The default value is

       -p path
	      Tells rpc.gssd where to look for the rpc_pipefs filesystem.  The
	      default value is "/var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs".

       -d directory
	      Tells rpc.gssd where to look for kerberos credential files.  The
	      default value is "/tmp".

       -v     Increases the verbosity of the output (can be specified multiple

       -r     If   the	 rpcsec_gss  library  supports	setting  debug	level,
	      increases the verbosity of the output (can be specified multiple


       Dug Song 
       Andy Adamson 
       Marius Aamodt Eriksen 
       J. Bruce Fields 

				  17 Mar 2003			   rpc.gssd(8)

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