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PAM_GETENV(8)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	 PAM_GETENV(8)

       pam_getenv - get environment variables from /etc/environment

       pam_getenv [-l] [-s] env_var

       This tool  will print out the value of env_var from /etc/environment.
       It will attempt to expand environment variable references in the
       definition of env_var but will fail if PAM items are expanded.

       The -l option indicates the script should return an environment
       variable related to default locale information.

       The -s option indicates that the script should return an system default
       environment variable.

       Currently neither the -l or -s options do anything.  They are included
       because future versions of Debian may have a separate repository for
       the initial environment used by init scripts and for system locale
       information.  These options will allow this script to be a stable
       interface even in that environment.

Debian GNU/Linux		  2009-01-06			 PAM_GETENV(8)

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