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MKCRAMFS(8)		    Debian GNU/Linux Manual		   MKCRAMFS(8)

       mkcramfs - make a compressed ROM file system

       mkcramfs  [-h]  [-b  blksize]  [-e edition] [-i file] [-n name] dirname

       This manual page documents briefly the mkcramfs command.   This	manual
       page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but may be used
       by others), because the original program does not have a manual page.

       mkcramfs constructs a CramFs from the contents of dirname.   The  image
       of the resulting file system is placed in outfile.

       -h     Give a brief help message.

       -E     Make all warnings errors (non-zero exit status).

       -b blksize
	      Set the block size of the generated file system.

       -e edition
	      Set the edition number (part of fsid).

       -i file
	      Insert  a  file  image  into  the  filesystem (requires Linux >=

       -n name
	      Set the name of the CramFs filesystem.

       -p     Pad by 512 bytes for boot code.

       -s     Sort directory entries (old option, ignored).

       -v     Turn on verbose mode.

       -z     Make explicit holes (requires Linux >= 2.3.39).

       mkcramfs is written by Linus Torvalds and Daniel Quinlan.  Manual  page
       added by Herbert Xu.

KERNEL SOURCE		      2001 February 22th		   MKCRAMFS(8)

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