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MKBOOT(8)							     MKBOOT(8)

       mkboot - makes a bootdisk

       mkboot [-r rootpartition] [-i] [-d device] [kernel]

       mkboot makes a bootdisk.

       By  default  the  bootdisk will use the kernel /vmlinuz and the current
       root partition.	Use the -r option to specify  a  different  partition,
       and provide the new kernel file directly to specify a different kernel.
       Use the -d option to specify a different device for the floppy drive.

       If invoked with the -i option, it tries to make a Debian GNU/Linux sys
       tem  bootable  after a new kernel was installed by /sbin/installkernel.
       If ELILO is installed, it runs /usr/sbin/elilo.	If GRUB is  installed,
       it  does  nothing.   If LILO is in use, it runs /sbin/lilo.  If SILO is
       installed, it does nothing.  Otherwise, mkboot will make  a  new  boot

       mkboot  only  works  on	i386  and  ia64.   mkboot only works on floppy
       diskette drives.  If rdev is not present, mkboot will fail to determine
       the  correct root partition.  Patches to correct these deficiencies are

       installkernel(8), lilo(8), grub(8), silo(8)

Debian			       18 September 2004		     MKBOOT(8)

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