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LOGSAVE(8)							    LOGSAVE(8)

       logsave - save the output of a command in a logfile

       logsave [ -asv ] logfile cmd_prog [ ... ]

       The  logsave  program  will  execute  cmd_prog with the specified argu
       ment(s), and save a copy of its output to logfile.  If  the  containing
       directory  for logfile does not exist, logsave will accumulate the out
       put in memory until it can be written out.  A copy of the  output  will
       also be written to standard output.

       If  cmd_prog is a single hyphen (-), then instead of executing a pro
       gram, logsave will take its input from standard input and  save	it  in

       logsave	is  useful for saving the output of initial boot scripts until
       the /var partition  is  mounted,  so  the  output  can  be  written  to

       -a     This  option  will  cause  the output to be appended to logfile,
	      instead of replacing its current contents.

       -s     This option will cause logsave to skip writing to the  log  file
	      text  which is bracketed with a control-A (ASCII 001 or Start of
	      Header) and control-B (ASCII 002 or Start of Text).  This allows
	      progress	bar  information to be visible to the user on the con
	      sole, while not being written to the log file.

       -v     This option will make logsave to be more verbose in  its	output
	      to the user.

       Theodore Tso (tytso@mit.edu)


E2fsprogs version 1.40-WIP	 November 2006			    LOGSAVE(8)

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