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ikeygen(8)							    ikeygen(8)

       ikeygen - Generate a random DES key

       idecrypt [-h] [-V] [-v] [-ifile] [keyfile]

       Ikeygen	generates  a  random  DES  key	that is suitable for uses with
       identd(8).  If keyfile  is  not	specified,  the  default  location  of
       /etc/identd.key will be used.

       -h	 Display the available command line options.

       -V	 Displays  the version and OS version it was compiled for, and
		 then exit.

       -v	 Be verbose.

       -ifile	 Use the key found in file instead of generating a new one.

       The daemon is free software. You can redistribute it and/or  modify  it
       as you wish - as long as you dont claim that you wrote it.

       The  source  code  for  the  latest version of the daemon can always be
       FTPd from one of the following addresses:

       Main site:  ftp://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/ident/servers/

       Mirror:	   ftp://ftp.uu.net/networking/ident/servers/

       The author can be contacted at:

       Email:	   Peter Eriksson 

       idecrypt(8) , identd(8)

				  28 Apr 2000			    ikeygen(8)

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