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CHCAT(8)			 User Commands			      CHCAT(8)

       chcat - change file security category

       chcat CATEGORY FILE...
       chcat -l CATEGORY USER...
       chcat [[+|-]CATEGORY],...]  FILE...
       chcat -l [[+|-]CATEGORY],...]  USER...
       chcat [-d] FILE...
       chcat -l [-d] USER...
       chcat -L [-l] [ USER ... ]

       Change/Remove the security CATEGORY for each FILE/USER.

       Use +/- to add/remove categories from a FILE/USER.

       Note:  When  removing  a  category you must specify -- on the command
       line before using the -Category syntax.	This tells  the  command  that
       you  have  finished  entering options and are now specifying a category
       name instead.

       -d     delete the category from each FILE/USER.

       -L     list available categories.

       -l     Tells chcat to operate on users instead of files.

       chcon(1), selinux(8), semanage(8)

       When operating on files this script wraps the chcon command.


chcat				September 2005			      CHCAT(8)

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