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MOTD.TAIL(5)		 Debian Administrators Manual		 MOTD.TAIL(5)

       motd.tail - Template for building the system message of the day

       On  Debian  systems,  the  system message of the day is rebuilt at each
       startup, in order to display an accurate information. /etc/motd.tail is
       the file to edit permanent changes to the message of the day.

       The  initiation script /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh prepends a line contain
       ing information about the  system  to  /etc/motd.tail  and  stores  the
       resulting  file	in  /var/run/motd.  /etc/motd  is  a  symbolic link to
       /var/run/motd.  This is done to prevent changes to /etc as  the	system
       can not assume /etc to be writable.

       Changes	to /etc/motd effectively end up in a file under /var/run which
       will be regenerated upon reboot.

       A symbolic link to a different file, such as /etc/motd.static  disables
       this behaviour.

	      The initiation script which builds /var/run/motd

	      Symbolic link to the system message of the day at /var/run/motd

	      Template for building the system message of the day

	      System message of the day file rebuilt at each computer start

       login(1), issue(5), motd(5).

Debian				  2007-04-28			  MOTD.TAIL(5)

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