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freshclam.conf(5)		Clam AntiVirus		     freshclam.conf(5)

       freshclam.conf  - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus database update

       The file freshclam.conf configures the Clam AntiVirus Database Updater,

       The  file  consists  of	comments and options with arguments. Each line
       which starts with a hash (#) symbol is ignored by the  parser.  Options
       and  arguments  are case sensitive and of the form Option Argument. The
       arguments are of the following types:

       BOOL   Boolean value (yes/no or true/false or 1/0).

       STRING String without blank characters.

       SIZE   Size in bytes. You can use M or m  modifiers  for  megabytes
	      and K or k for kilobytes.

       NUMBER Unsigned integer.

       When  an  option is not used (hashed or doesnt exist in the configura
       tion file) freshclam takes a default action.

	      If this option is set freshclam will not run.

       DatabaseOwner STRING
	      When started by root, drop privileges to a specified user.

       AllowSupplementaryGroups BOOL
	      Initialize supplementary group access (freshclam must be started
	      by root).
	      Default: disabled

       DatabaseDirectory STRING
	      Path to a directory containing database files.
	      Default: /var/lib/clamav/

       Checks NUMBER
	      Number of database checks per day.
	      Default: 12

       UpdateLogFile STRING
	      Enable logging to a specified file. Highly recommended.
	      Default: disabled.

       LogSyslog BOOL
	      Enable  logging  to  Syslog.  May  be  used  in combination with
	      Default: disabled.

       LogFacility STRING
	      Specify the type of syslog messages - please refer to man  sys
	      log for facility names.
	      Default: LOG_LOCAL6

       PidFile STRING
	      This  option  allows  you  to save the process identifier of the
	      daemon to a file specified in the argument.
	      Default: disabled

       LogVerbose BOOL
	      Enable verbose logging.
	      Default: disabled

       DNSDatabaseInfo STRING
	      This directive enables  database	and  software  version	checks
	      through DNS TXT records.
	      Default: enabled, pointing to current.cvd.clamav.net

       DatabaseMirror STRING
	      Server name where database updates are downloaded from. In order
	      to download the database from the closest mirror you should con
	      figure  freshclam  to  use  db.xy.clamav.net where xy represents
	      your country code. If  this  option  is  given  multiple	times,
	      freshclam(1) tries them in the order given. Its strongly recom
	      mended that you use db.xy.clamav.net as  the  first  mirror  and
	      database.clamav.net as the second.
	      Default: database.clamav.net

       MaxAttempts NUMBER
	      How many attempts (per mirror) to make before giving up.
	      Default: 3 (per mirror)

       ScriptedUpdates BOOL
	      With  this  option you can control scripted updates. Its highly
	      recommended to keep it enabled.
	      Default: enabled

       HTTPProxyServer STR, HTTPProxyPort NUMBER
	      Use given proxy server and TCP port for database downloads.

       HTTPProxyUsername STR,HTTPProxyPassword STRING
	      Proxy usage is authenticated through given  username  and  pass
	      Default: no proxy authentication

       HTTPUserAgent STRING
	      If  your servers are behind a firewall/proxy which applies User-
	      Agent filtering, you can use this option to force the use  of  a
	      different User-Agent header.
	      Default: clamav/version_number

       LocalIPAddress IP
	      Use  IP  as client address for downloading databases. Useful for
	      multi homed systems.
	      Default: Use OSes default outgoing IP address.

       NotifyClamd STRING
	      Notify a running clamd(8) to reload its database after  a  down
	      load  has  occurred.  The  path for clamd.conf file must be pro
	      Default: The default is to not notify clamd. See clamd.conf(5)s
	      option  SelfCheck  for  how clamd(8) handles database updates in
	      this case.

       OnUpdateExecute STRING
	      Execute this command after the database  has  been  successfully
	      Default: disabled

       OnOutdatedExecute STRING
	      Execute this command when freshclam reports outdated version. In
	      the command string %v will be replaced by the new  version  num
	      Default: disabled

       OnErrorExecute STRING
	      Execute this command after a database update has failed.
	      Default: disabled

       ConnectTimeout NUMBER
	      Timeout in seconds when connecting to database server.
	      Default: 10

       ReceiveTimeout NUMBER
	      Timeout in seconds when reading from database server.
	      Default: 30


       Thomas Lamy , Tomasz Kojm 

       freshclam(1), clamd.conf(5), clamd(8), clamav-milter(8), clamscan(1)

ClamAV 0.92.1		       February 12, 2007	     freshclam.conf(5)

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