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e2fsck.conf(5)							e2fsck.conf(5)

       e2fsck.conf - Configuration file for e2fsck

       e2fsck.conf  is	the configuration file for e2fsck(8).  It controls the
       default behavior of  e2fsck(8)  while  it  is  checking	ext2  or  ext3

       The  e2fsck.conf  file uses an INI-style format.  Stanzas, or top-level
       sections, are delimited by square braces: [ ].	Within	each  section,
       each  line  defines  a  relation, which assigns tags to values, or to a
       subsection, which contains further relations or subsections.  An  exam
       ple  of	the  INI-style	format used by this configuration file follows

		 tag1 = value_a
		 tag1 = value_b
		 tag2 = value_c

	    [section 2]
		 tag3 = {
		      subtag1 = subtag_value_a
		      subtag1 = subtag_value_b
		      subtag2 = subtag_value_c
		 tag1 = value_d
		 tag2 = value_e

       Comments are delimited by a semicolon (;) or a hash  (#)  character
       at  the beginning of the comment, and are terminated by the end of line

       Tags and values must be quoted using  double  quotes  if  they  contain
       spaces.	Within a quoted string, the standard backslash interpretations
       apply: "\n" (for the newline character), "\t" (for the tab  character),
       "\b" (for the backspace character), and "\\" (for the backslash charac

       The following stanzas are used in the e2fsck.conf file.	They  will  be
       described in more detail in future sections of this document.

	      This   stanza  contains  general	configuration  parameters  for
	      e2fscks behavior.  [problems] This stanza allows	the  adminis
	      trator  to  reconfigure  how  e2fsck  handles various filesystem

THE [options] STANZA
       The following relations are defined in the [options] stanza.

	      If this relation is set to a boolean value of true, then if  the
	      user  interrupts	e2fsck	using  ^C,  and  the filesystem is not
	      explicitly flagged as containing errors, e2fsck will  exit  with
	      an  exit	status	of  0 instead of 32.  This setting defaults to

	      This boolean relation  controls  whether	or  not  the  interval
	      between  filesystem  checks  (either  based on time or number of
	      mounts) should be doubled if the system is running  on  battery.
	      It defaults to true.

THE [problems] STANZA
       Each tag in the [problems] stanza names a problem code specified with a
       leading "0x" followed by six hex digits.  The value of  the  tag  is  a
       subsection  where the relations in that subsection override the default
       treatment of that particular problem code.

       Note that inappropriate settings in this stanza	may  cause  e2fsck  to
       behave  incorrectly,  or even crash.  Most system administrators should
       not be making changes to this section without referring to source code.

       Within each problem codes subsection, the following tags may be used:

	      This  relation  allows  the  message  which is printed when this
	      filesystem inconsistency is detected to be overridden.

	      This boolean relation overrides the default behavior controlling
	      whether  this  filesystem  problem should be automatically fixed
	      when e2fsck is running in preen mode.

       no_ok  This boolean relation overrides the default behavior determining
	      whether  or not the filesystem will be marked as inconsistent if
	      the user declines to fix the reported problem.

	      This boolean relation overrides whether the default  answer  for
	      this problem (or question) should be "no".

	      This boolean relation overrides the default behavior controlling
	      whether or not  the  description	for  this  filesystem  problem
	      should be suppressed when e2fsck is running in preen mode.

	      This boolean relation overrides the default behavior controlling
	      whether or not  the  description	for  this  filesystem  problem
	      should be suppressed when e2fsck is run with the -n option.

       The  following recipe will prevent e2fsck from aborting during the boot
       process when a filesystem contains orphaned files.  (Of course, this is
       not  always  a  good idea, since critical files that are needed for the
       security of the system could potentially  end  up  in  lost+found,  and
       starting  the  system without first having a system administrator check
       things out may be dangerous.)

		 0x040002 = {
		      preen_ok = true
		      description = "@u @i %i.	"

	      The configuration file for e2fsck(8).


E2fsprogs version 1.40-WIP	 November 2006			e2fsck.conf(5)

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