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BOUNCE(5)							     BOUNCE(5)

       bounce - Postfix bounce message template format

       bounce_template_file = /etc/postfix/bounce.cf

       postconf -b [template_file]

       The  Postfix  bounce(8)	server	produces  delivery status notification
       (DSN) messages for undeliverable mail, delayed mail, successful	deliv
       ery or address verification requests.

       By  default,  these notifications are generated from built-in templates
       with message headers and message text. Sites can override the  built-in
       information  by	specifying a bounce template file with the bounce_tem
       plate_file configuration parameter.

       This document describes the general procedure to create a  bounce  tem
       plate  file,  followed  by the specific details of bounce template for

       To create customized bounce template file, create a temporary  copy  of
       the file /etc/postfix/bounce.cf.default and edit the temporary file.

       To  preview  the  results of $name expansions in the template text, use
       the command

	   postconf -b temporary_file

       Errors in the template will be reported to the  standard  error	stream
       and to the syslog daemon.

       While  previewing  the text, be sure to pay particular attention to the
       expansion of time value parameters that	appear	in  the  delayed  mail
       notification text.

       Once  the result is satisfactory, copy the template to the Postfix con
       figuration directory and specify in main.cf something like:

	       bounce_template_file = /etc/postfix/bounce.cf

       The template file can specify templates for failed mail, delayed  mail,
       successful  delivery  or for address verification.  These templates are
       named  failure_template,  delay_template,  success_template  and   ver
       ify_template,  respectively.   You  can	but do not have to specify all
       four templates in a bounce template file.

       Each template starts with "template_name = <

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