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PAM_CHAUTHTOK(3)	   App. Programmers Manual	     PAM_CHAUTHTOK(3)

       pam_chauthtok - updating authentication tokens


       int pam_chauthtok(pam_handle_t *pamh, int  flags);


       Use  this  function  to rejuvenate the authentication tokens (passwords
       etc.) of an applicant user.

       Note, the application should not pre-authenticate the user, as this  is
       performed (if required) by the Linux-PAM framework.

       The     flags	argument    can    optionally	 take	 the	value,
       PAM_CHANGE_EXPIRED_AUTHTOK.   In  such  cases  the  framework  is  only
       required to update those authentication tokens that have expired. With
       out this argument, the framework will attempt to obtain new tokens  for
       all  configured authentication mechanisms. The details of the types and
       number of such schemes should not concern the calling application.

       A successful return from this function will be indicated with  PAM_SUC

       Specific errors of special interest when calling this function are

       PAM_AUTHTOK_ERROR - a valid new token was not obtained

       PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR - old authentication token was not available

       PAM_AUTHTOK_LOCK_BUSY  -  a  resource  needed  to  update the token was
       locked (try again later)

       PAM_AUTHTOK_DISABLE_AGING - one or more of the  authentication  modules
       does not honor authentication token aging

       PAM_TRY_AGAIN - one or more authentication mechanism is not prepared to
       update a token at this time

       In general other return values may be returned. They should be  treated
       as indicating failure.

       May be translated to text with pam_strerror(3).

       DCE-RFC 86.0, October 1995.

       none known.

       pam_start(3),   pam_authenticate(3),  pam_setcred(3),  pam_get_item(3),
       pam_strerror(3) and pam(8).

       Also, see the three Linux-PAM Guides, for System administrators, module
       developers, and application developers.

Linux-PAM 0.55			  1997 Jan 4		      PAM_CHAUTHTOK(3)

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