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POKE_DHCP(1)			   06:53:20			  POKE_DHCP(1)

       poke_ns - restarts a running DHCP server

       poke_dhcp  poke_dhcp [ restart | reload | debug | nodebug | dump | ter
       minate ]

       poke_ns sends process control signals to  a  running  bind  nameserver.
       Without any options poke-ns emits a help message.

	      Terminates the running nameserver by the sending the TERM signal
	      and restarts the nameserver.

	      Send the HUP signal to the running nameserver which instructs it
	      to reload all its zone files.

       debug: Sends the USR1 signal to the nameserver which causes it to write
	      debugging output to the named_run file.  The named_run  file  is
	      created in the /var/tmp directory with a version 4 nameserver or
	      in current directory  with  a  version  8  nameserver.   Sending
	      another USR1 signal increases the level of debugging output.

	      Turn  off  debugging output by sending the SIGUSR2 signal to the
	      running nameserver.

       dump:  Sends the INT signal which causes the nameserver to dump a  copy
	      of its internal database files to the named_dump.db file.

	      Sends  the  TERM	signal	which causes the running nameserver to

Configuration File
       poke_ns uses a simple  environment  file  which	sets  various  default
       parameters.   Parameters  are  set using a parameter=value syntax.  The
       environment file is  normally  located  in  /usr/local/etc/poke_ns.env.
       Parameters settable in this file are:

	      Pathname	of  the  database  dump  file.	DEBUG: Pathname of the
	      debug output file.

       NAMED: Pathname of the nameserver executable to use when restarting the

	      Pathname	of  the file which contains the process id of the run
	      ning nameserver.

       The environment file is checked to be sure it is only writable by root,
       since  poke_ns  is  normally setuid root and only executable by a group
       responsible for nameserver maintenance.

       gendns(1), genstatic(1), updatehosts(1)

4th Berkeley Distribution	    $Date:			  POKE_DHCP(1)

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