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mysql(1)			MySQL database			      mysql(1)

       mysqldumpslow - Parse and summarize the MySQL slow query log.

       mysqldumpslow [options]

       This program parses and summarizes a slow query log.

       -v     verbose

       -d     debug

	      what to sort by (t, at, l, al, r, ar etc)

       -r     reverse the sort order (largest last instead of first)

	      just show the top n queries

       -a     dont abstract all numbers to N and strings to S

	      abstract numbers with at least n digits within names

	      grep: only consider stmts that include this string

	      hostname of db server for *-slow.log filename (can be wildcard)

	      name of server instance (if using mysql.server startup script)

       -l     dont subtract lock time from total time

       mysql (1), mysqld (1)

       This  manpage was written by Christian Hammers  based on
       the commends in the code.

       MySQL is available at http://www.mysql.com/.

MySQL 3.23			 17 March 2003			      mysql(1)

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