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mysql(1)			MySQL database			      mysql(1)

       mysql_setpermission - Adds MySQL users or changes passwords.

       mysql_setpermission [options]

       The  permission setter is a little program which can help you add users
       or databases or change passwords in MySQL. Keep in mind that  we  dont
       check permissions which already been set in MySQL. So if you cant con
       nect to MySQL using the permission you just added, take a look  at  the
       permissions which have already been set in MySQL.

       The permission setter first reads your .my.cnf file in your Home direc
       tory if it exists.

       For more information start the program with --help.

       mysql (1), mysqld (1)

       This manpage was written by Christian Hammers .

       MySQL is available at http://www.mysql.com/.

MySQL 3.23			 17 March 2003			      mysql(1)

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