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MKPASSWD(1)		       Debian GNU/Linux 		   MKPASSWD(1)

       mkpasswd - Overfeatured front end to crypt(3)

       mkpasswd PASSWORD SALT

       mkpasswd  encrypts  the	given password with the crypt(3) libc function
       using the given salt.

       -S, --salt=STRING
	      Use the STRING as salt. It must not  contain  prefixes  such  as

       -H, --hash=TYPE
	      Compute  the password using the TYPE algorithm.  If TYPE is help
	      available algorithms are printed.

       -P, --password-fd=NUM
	      Read the password from file descriptor NUM instead of using get
	      pass(3).	 If the file descriptor is not connected to a tty then
	      no other message than the hashed password is printed on  stdout.

       -s, --stdin
	      Like --password-fd=0.

       If  the --stdin option is used, passwords containing some control char
       acters may not be read correctly.

       This programs suffers of a bad case of featuritis.

       passwd(1), passwd(5), crypt(3), getpass(3)

       mkpasswd and this man page were written by Marco  dItri	
       and are licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Marco dItri		       11 October 2002			  MKPASSWD(1)

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