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MAKEINFO(1)			 User Commands			   MAKEINFO(1)

       makeinfo - translate Texinfo documents

       makeinfo [OPTION]... TEXINFO-FILE...

       Translate  Texinfo  source  documentation  to various other formats, by
       default Info files suitable for reading online with Emacs or standalone
       GNU Info.

   General options:
	      quit after NUM errors (default 100).

	      preserve output even if errors.

       --help display this help and exit.

	      suppress node cross-reference validation.

	      suppress warnings (but not errors).

	      warn about at most NUM references (default 1000).

       -v, --verbose
	      explain what is being done.

	      display version information and exit.

   Output format selection (default is to produce Info):
	      output Docbook XML rather than Info.

       --html output HTML rather than Info.

       --xml  output Texinfo XML rather than Info.

	      output plain text rather than Info.

   General output options:
       -E, --macro-expand FILE
	      output  macro-expanded  source  to FILE.	ignoring any @setfile

	      suppress node separators, Node: lines, and menus from Info  out
	      put  (thus  producing  plain  text) or from HTML (thus producing
	      shorter output); also, write to standard output by default.

	      suppress splitting of Info or HTML  output,  generate  only  one
	      output file.

	      output chapter and sectioning numbers.

       -o, --output=FILE
	      output to FILE (directory if split HTML),

   Options for Info and plain text:
	      output  accented	and special characters in Info output based on

	      break Info lines at NUM characters (default 72).

	      output footnotes in Info according to STYLE: separate  to  put
	      them in their own node; end to put them at the end of the node

	      in which they are defined (default).

	      indent Info paragraphs by VAL spaces (default  3).   If  VAL  is
	      none,  do  not  indent;  if  VAL	is asis, preserve existing

	      split Info files at size NUM (default 300000).

   Options for HTML:
	      include FILE in HTML