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       dh_installmanpages - old-style man page installer

       dh_installmanpages [debhelper options] [file ...]

       dh_installmanpages is a debhelper program that is responsible for auto
       matically installing man pages into usr/share/man/ and usr/X11R6/man/
       in package build directories.

       This is a DWIM-style program, with an interface unlike the rest of deb
       helper. It is deprecated, and you are encouraged to use dh_install
       man(1) instead.

       dh_installmanpages scans the current directory and all subdirectories
       for filenames that look like man pages. (Note that only real files are
       looked at; symlinks are ignored.) It uses file(1) to verify that the
       files are in the correct format. Then, based on the files extensions,
       it installs them into the correct man directory.

       All filenames specified as parameters will be skipped by dh_installman
       pages.  This is useful if by default it installs some man pages that
       you do not want to be installed.

       After the man page installation step, dh_installmanpages will check to
       see if any of the man pages are ".so" links. If so, it changes them to

       file ...
	   Do not install these files as man pages, even if they look like
	   valid man pages.

       dh_installmanpages will install the man pages it finds into all pack
       ages you tell it to act on, since it cant tell what package the man
       pages belong in. This is almost never what you really want (use -p to
       work around this, or use the much better dh_installman(1) program

       Files ending in .man will be ignored.

       Files specified as parameters that contain spaces in their filenames
       will not be processed properly.


       This program is a part of debhelper.

       Joey Hess 

5.0.42				  2006-08-05		 DH_INSTALLMANPAGES(1)

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