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DH_INSTALLDEFOMA(1)	      Debhelper Commands	   DH_INSTALLDEFOMA(1)

       dh_installdefoma - install a defoma related scripts

       dh_installdefoma [debhelper options] [-n]

       dh_installdefoma  is  a	debhelper  program  that  is  responsible  for
       installing files related to defoma (DEbian FOnt MAnager)  into  package
       build  directories.  dh_installdefoma can be used by defoma-aware pack
       ages and/or font packages using defoma.

       It also automatically generates the postinst  and  pre/postrm  commands
       needed  to  register  a	package  as a defoma-aware and/or font package
       using defoma. See dh_installdeb(1)  for	an  explanation  of  how  this

       If a file named debian/package.defoma exists, then it is installed into
       usr/share/defoma/scripts/package.defoma in the package build  directory
       and  put  an  un/registration method in maintainer scripts with defoma-
       app.  If a file named debian/package.defoma-hints exists,  then	it  is
       installed in etc/defoma/hints/package.hints in the package build direc
       tory and put an	un/registration  method  in  maintainer  scripts  with
       defoma-font.   So  when you create a defoma font package, what you need
       to do is only to put its hints file in debian/package.defoma-hints  and
       install	font  files written in the hints file in the appropriate loca
       tions. When you create a defoma-aware package, what you need to	do  is
       only to put its defoma-script file in debian/package.defoma. The script
       file is automatically installed in the package build directory.

       debhelper options
	      See debhelper(1) for a list of options common to	all  debhelper

       -n, --noscripts
	      Do not modify postinst/postrm scripts.

       See  debhelper(1)  for  a list of environment variables that affect all
       debhelper commands.

       Note that this command is  not  idempotent.  "dh_clean  -k"  should  be
       called  between	invocations  of  this command. Otherwise, it may cause
       multiple instances of the same text to be added to maintainer  scripts.


       Masato Taruishi 

Debhelper Commands		20 August 2000		   DH_INSTALLDEFOMA(1)

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