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CVTZONE(1)			   06:53:18			    CVTZONE(1)

       cvtzone - convert a DNS zone file to updatehosts database format

       cvtzone	[  -a ] [ -c -d default_domain [ -h ] [ -i ip_address_prefix ]
       -o output_directory

       cvtzone is a utility to convert an existing DNS zone  file  to  update
       hosts  format.	The zone file is read from stdin.  The output is a set
       of updatehosts relations located in the directory specified by  the  -d

       The -a will append output to an already existing set of relations.

       The  -c	option will add comments from the zone file.  The comments are
       placed in the same location they are found in the zone file.  Only full
       comment lines are added.  Comments at the end of a zone file record are

       The -d option is required and specifies the  default  domain  name  for
       this set of input records.

       The -h option outputs a short command synopsis.

       The  -i	option	specifies  an  option  IP  address  prefix  for the IP
       addresses found in A records.

       The -o option which is required specifies a directory where the update
       hosts relations are found.

Readinfo Record Generation
       cvtzone	generates readinfo records using the default domain and the IP
       address prefix to generate a correct #FIELDS line which	allows	domain
       names  and  IP  addresses  to  be  written  in a shorthand manner.  All
       domains are shortened by chopping off the default domain  name  suffix.
       Those  domain  names  which are in a different domain are written fully
       qualified with a trailing period.

       If the -i option is present all IP addresses which start  with  the  IP
       prefix  have  it  removed.   All  other IP address will be written as a
       standard dotted decimal IP address with a leading  period  (".").   The
       leading	period	denotes that the default IP prefix is not prepended to
       the address.  Without the -i option all IP  addresses  are  written  in
       standard  dotted-decimal notation and there is no default prefix for IP

       Each invocation of cvtzone generates a new readinfo #FIELDS line.  This
       is  convenient  for  converting	multiple  zone files where the default
       domain or the default IP prefix have different values.

See also
       updatehosts(1), gendns(1), readinfo(1)

4th Berkeley Distribution	    $Date:			    CVTZONE(1)

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