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CVTSTATIC(1)			   06:53:18			  CVTSTATIC(1)

       cvtstatic - convert an /etc/hosts file to updatehosts database format

       cvtstatic [ -a ] [ -c -d default_domain [ -h ] [ -i ip_address_prefix ]
       -o output_directory

       cvtstatic is a utility  to  convert  an	existing  /etc/hosts  file  to
       updatehosts  format.  The hosts file is read from stdin.  The output is
       a set of updatehosts relations located in the  directory  specified  by
       the -d option.

       The -a will append output to an already existing set of relations.

       The  -c	option will add comments from the zone file.  The comments are
       placed in the same location they are found in the zone file.

       The -d option is required and specifies the  default  domain  name  for
       this set of input records.

       The -h option outputs a short command synopsis.

       The  -i	option	specifies  an  option  IP  address  prefix  for the IP
       addresses found in A records.

       The -o option which is required specifies a directory where the update
       hosts relations are found.

Readinfo Record Generation
       cvtstatic  generates  readinfo records using the default domain and the
       IP address prefix to generate  a  correct  #FIELDS  line  which	allows
       domain names and IP addresses to be written in a shorthand manner.  All
       domains are shortened by chopping off the default domain  name  suffix.
       Those  domain  names  which are in a different domain are written fully
       qualified with a trailing period.

       If the -i option is present all IP addresses which start  with  the  IP
       prefix  have  it  removed.   All  other IP address will be written as a
       standard dotted decimal IP address with a leading  period  (".").   The
       leading	period	denotes that the default IP prefix is not prepended to
       the address.  Without the -i option all IP  addresses  are  written  in
       standard  dotted-decimal notation and there is no default prefix for IP

       Each invocation of cvtstatic generates a  new  readinfo	#FIELDS  line.
       This  is  convenient  when  converting  multiple  hosts files where the
       default domain or the default IP prefix have different values.

See also
       updatehosts(1), gendns(1), readinfo(1)

4th Berkeley Distribution	    $Date:			  CVTSTATIC(1)

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