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CHFN(1) 			 User Commands			       CHFN(1)

       chfn - change real user name and information

       chfn [-f full_name] [-r room_no] [-w work_ph] [-h home_ph] [-o other]

       chfn changes user fullname, office number, office extension, and home
       phone number information for a users account. This information is
       typically printed by finger(1) and similar programs. A normal user may
       only change the fields for her own account, subject to the restrictions
       in /etc/login.defs. (The default configuration is to prevent users from
       changing their fullname.) The super user may change any field for any
       account. Additionally, only the super user may use the -o option to
       change the undefined portions of the GECOS field.

       The only restriction placed on the contents of the fields is that no
       control characters may be present, nor any of comma, colon, or equal
       sign. The other field does not have this restriction, and is used to
       store accounting information used by other applications.

       If none of the options are selected, chfn operates in an interactive
       fashion, prompting the user with the current values for all of the
       fields. Enter the new value to change the field, or leave the line
       blank to use the current value. The current value is displayed between
       a pair of [ ] marks. Without options, chfn prompts for the current user

	  Shadow password suite configuration.

	  User account information.

       chsh(1), login.defs(5), passwd(5).

User Commands			  02/25/2007			       CHFN(1)

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